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Universal UniVite 120 Capsules
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  • Uni-vite is the nutritional cornerstone of any serious strength athlete who seeks value and results
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SKU: UV0010
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Attribute Value
Pack size 120 Caps
Flavor Unflavored
Veg / Nonveg Non-Veg
Goal Overall Cellular protection
Serving Size 4 Caps
No. of Servings 30
Key Ingredients Vitamins and Minerals, antioxidant blend, sports performance blend, phytonutrient blend, digestive blend
Cost Per Serving (Rs.) 56.63
Brand Universal
Category Vitamins & Minerals

UNI-VITE is a complete multivitamin supplement packed with 50 powerful ingredients. Specifically designed for elite strength athletes to support optimum performance, power, strength, and vitality.


  • Each UNI-VITE capsule is packed with 50 powerful ingredients to support strength, power, vitality and performance.
  • Over 50 vital nutrients per serving
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Convenient, easily-absorbed capsule form
  • Made especially for bodybuilders
  • Includes sports performance, virility, and digestive aid complexes
  • These fifty ingredients work in a synergistic to boost immunity optimize muscle performance and support general health.
  • UNI-VITE has five blends in each serving comprising the ergogenic enhancement matrix- antioxidants; sports performance compounds digestive aids and phytonutrients
  • It is encapsulated, as it is easy to swallow and some tend to digest capsules better.
  • Universal made it a priority to design an advanced bodybuilding multivitamin option that could be affordable as well. Each bottle delivers a month's worth of minerals, vitamins, and muscle-building.
  • Vitamins and Minerals are the most important “Anti-Catabolic” nutrients for maintaining health, although they are needed in small amounts and play an vital role in human nutrition.
  • UniVite can be taken 4 capsules daily with food. Up to 8 capsules may be taken, 4 each in the AM and PM


  1. What Are Multi-Vitamins?
  • Multivitamin refers to any supplement, which provides essential vitamins or minerals.
  • A multivitamin supplement may or may not contain all the micronutrient required
  • It usually contains a majority of essential vitamins and minerals in varying dosages.
  1. Why do I require a Multivitamin?
  • VITAMINS and MINERALS are the most important “Anti-catabolic” nutrients for maintaining health.
  • Micronutrients although needed in small amounts compared to macronutrients, play an important role in human nutrition. Understanding the importance and role of micronutrients is critical for anyone seeking to improve or maintain their health. It plays vital role in physical and mental optimization aiding recovery in exercising individuals.  
  • Utilization of macro nutrients depends on adequate availability of vitamins and minerals which act as support system for their metabolism.
  1. Who should take a Multi-vitamin?
  • Athletes and exercising individuals have higher requirements of nutrients to ensure optimum functioning of body
  • They should also be part of daily diet of individuals who are following a specific diet which requires them to cut out on certain food groups.
  • Multivitamins are a good choice to supplement for high risk groups such as pregnant women, menstruating women and elderly population who can easily develop micronutrient deficiencies.
  1. What is Universal Uni-Vite?
  • Universal Uni-vite is a multivitamin supplement specifically designed for elite strength athletes to support optimum performance, power, strength, and vitality.
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