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Universal Gainfast Chocolate 5.1 lbs
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  • Weight gainer for the hard gainer
  • Protein:Carb ratio of 1:4
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SKU: UV0008
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Attribute Value
Pack size 5 Lbs
Flavor Chocolate
Veg / Nonveg Veg
Goal Muscle Gain & Size
Serving Size 229 g
No. of Servings 10
Kcal/ Serving 875
Protein/ Serving (g) 38
Carbs/Serving (g) 156
Sugar/Serving (g) 76
Key Ingredients Maltodextrin, fructose, dextrose, casein, whey protein concentrate, vitamin matrix
Cost Per Serving (Rs.) 374.9
Brand Universal
Protein % 17%
Category High-Calorie

Smart choice to gain quick, it gives 868 calories each serving with an ideal macro and micro-nutrient profile providing overall nutrition thus improving performance.


  • Ideal Macronutrient Profile
    Gain Fast gives 868 calories each day with 37gms of protein, 162 Gms of carbohydrate and 8gms of fat. This combination ensures maximum muscle gain benefits with minimal fat gain
    The large doses of carbohydrates provide all the energy needed for recovery, efficient absorption of nutrients and maintaining the BMR
    Maltodextrin helps in sustain release of carbohydrate thus initiating recovery post exercise.
    The protein blend of high biological value peptide caseinate and Ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate gives sustained release of amino acid and naturally occurring branched chain amino acids helps protein synthesis
  • Protein Synthesis
    Anabolic agents help to increase muscle protein synthesis and prevent muscle protein breakdown. Nitrogen-rich proteins keep the body in a positive nitrogen balance, thus repairing muscles
    Arginine helps to trigger the production of nitric oxide and growth hormone in the body
    Alpha Lipoic Acid promotes the use of fat into energy or antioxidants
  • Lipotropic and ergogenic substances
    Lipotropics are compounds that metabolize and break down body fat. It boosts the production of lecithin by the liver to dissolve cholesterol. Inositol, with choline, performs a major role in avoiding the accumulation of fats in the liver.
  • L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid as 60% of the body's amino acid pool is made up of amino, thus post-exercise glutamine stores are depleted. Supplementing with glutamine reduces muscle breakdown caused by workout related stress
  • L-Carnitine may lead in decreased body fat percentage. It may help in increase of ATP, better reception of glucocorticoids and minimizing fat build up around the muscles

GAIN FAST is for those who are 8-12kgs underweight. They supply 700-900kcals per serving and have a ratio of 1:3 of Protein: Carbohydrates that help cover up the calorie deficit in the diet.

GAIN FAST can be consumed as first thing in the morning, before your training/ workout and after your training/workout.

Make sure you have the entire serving, dividing the number of scoops throughout the day.

In order to attain your ideal body weight, consume your gainer in addition to other meals and do not replace your regular meals with gainer meals

Q.1What is a Gainer?

These are high calorie powders that comprise of the same protein as in protein powders but along with added carbohydrates usually from Maltodextrin. Weight gainers are for people who are classic ectomorphs with an excessively fast metabolism. Weight Gainers provide an optimum ratio of Carbohydrates and protein to help meet the high energy demands as well as build lean muscle mass. The carbohydrates usually in simple and complex form maintain a continuous supply of energy and spare protein to do its primary function of building muscle. They also contain EFAs such as Omega 3 and some very good brands add up to 10g of soluble/insoluble fiber along with essential vitamins and minerals. In an essence, a weight gainer is a complete meal replacement designed to add nutrient dense calories for an ectomorph.

Q.2 I am Lactose intolerant can I consume Gainer?

If you face intolerance or insensitivity to lactose, which is the natural sugar found in milk products, you should opt for a Whey protein isolate which contains very little or no lactose. The amount of lactose in Whey protein concentrate is higher. Since gainers contain protein blend of WPC and WPI we suggest you to avoid Gainers.

Q.3 What is TwinLab Super Gainers Fuel?

Twins Super Gainers Fuel is the best option for those who want to size up their muscles and strive hard for it. It has 1350kcals and 50g of good quality protein per serving, a combination needed for muscle gain and meeting the energy and nutritional requirements of individuals with higher metabolic rate. It has carbohydrates in the form of Maltodextrins for faster absorption and initiation of recovery process. It has protein in form of whey, casein and egg protein to provide time release amino acids according to bodys requirement.

Q.4 What is the difference between a whey protein and a weight gainer?

Whey protein products and weight gainers are two completely different categories of products. Whey Protein- Whey is a milk protein extract. The water which remains after cheese making process is known as sweet dairy whey. It is best consumed post workout and first thing in the morning for muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis. It has very low amount of Lactose and fat with protein percentage 80% and above (WPI). Hence, It is low in Calories, Carbohydrates and Fat. Weight Gainer-Are the range of products which help meet or exceed the daily caloric requirement. Usually composed of both high and low glycemic Carbohydrates and protein, whey protein and other vitamins and minerals. Weight gainer formulas are designed to promote muscle development, as well as increase the muscles recovery process. Hence depending on the goal the product will be decided. If the target is Weight gain then Mass gainer will be the priority product whereas, if the body weight is normal and the goal is muscle building, fat loss or recovery Whey protein will be the priority product. However, for weight gain the best solution is stack of a Gainer + Whey Protein.

Q.5 How do I know which Gainer should I consume?

Depending on the goal all gainers are further classified into 3 categories: High Calorie Gainers- For those who are Classic Ectomorphs (15-20kgs underweight). High calorie gainers supply 1000-1200kcals per serving and have a ratio of 1:5 of Protein: Carbohydrates. Lean Mass Gainers- For those who are not able to meet their requisite daily calorie intake. Lean Mass gainers supply 700-900kcals per serving and have a ratio of 1:3 of Protein: Carbohydrates. High Protein Gainers- For those who are ideal body weight but want to gain size or, for athletes who want to maintain muscle mass. High Protein Gainers supply 250-200kcals per serving and have a ratio of 1:1.5 of Protein:Carbohydrates.