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  • Delivers bcaas and glutamine to your muscles
  • Contains the ""perfect"" ratios of bcaas and glutamine
  • Bcaa's and glutamine are the most important amino acids for the hard trainer
  • No bcaa supplement works faster
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    There are five compelling reasons why every athlete-from the bodybuilder to the endurance athlete-should supplement with BCAA Stack: (1) BCAA Stack offers a new and unique method of delivering important branched-chain amino acids and glutamine to your muscles; (2) these aminos are among the most thoroughly researched among all anabolic/anti-catabolic amino supplements; (3) BCAA Stack contains the "perfect," scientifically-proven ratios of bcaas and glutamine; (4) bcaas and glutamine are the most important amino acids for the athlete who trains with intensity and the dieting athlete; and (5) no BCAA supplement works faster than BCAA Stack. While not as flashy or hyped as creatine, prohormones, or methoxy, bcaas and glutamine may be more important than all the other supplements, especially if you are: (1) dieting or (2) training with high intensity with fewer rest days between each workout. When dieting or training hard, your body's pool of these aminos drops-a condition that can negatively affect muscular development. BCAA Stack can replenish these pools. Clinical studies have shown that bcaas and glutamine can provide a number of important benefits for athletes who are dieting or training hard.