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Supplements For A Frequent Traveller

Travelling for business or leisure may seem glamorous, when you see instagram posts and tweets about check-ins at fancy locations, however truth is frequent travellers are exposed to factors that cause -- low immunity, faster ageing, obesity and mental health issues. This can be because of altered time-zone and high exposure to radiation.

Travelling comes with a price. Ultimately your body is the victim. Staying away from your home for a long period of time has many challenges, most common are:

  • Unavailability of healthy food options
  • Untimely meals due to unavailability or busy schedule
  • Skipping meals
  • Minimal physical activity
  • Absence of company /trainer to workout
  • Limited supply of supplements
  • Carrying supplements in powder form can be a pain
❝ Travelling may expose a person to difficulties in procuring healthy food options. It may happen that person may binge on whatever is available like sugary foods, colas and more. In such cases ALA can be a big saviour. ❞

There are few things that a frequent traveller can do to minimise these harmful effects. One of them is - Packing few important supplements which will improve the nutrition as well as serve as preventive therapy. Let’s have a look at vital supplements that can be extremely helpful –

SupplementAction/FeatruresPros and ConsDosageTimingExample
Whey Protein Powder Supplementation would work where it is difficult to get quality sources of proteins Pros- Helps to meet protein requirement inhibit catabolism 1 to 2 scoops/day 1 scoop upon wakeup and 1 scoop immediately post workout Procel pro-standard 100% whey proteinProcel pro-standard 100% whey protein
Protein Bars Protein bars are combination of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, multivitamins and fats that are generally take as preworkout snack or midmeal snack Pros-They are compact than powders. Bars are an easy and travel friendly option. Rich in multivitamins and good source of fibre Depends on the caloric requirement. Ideally select a protein bar which gives calories less than 300 and minimum 20 gm protein per bar. It can be handy option as a preworkout or midmeal snack Fitelite Baked Protein BarFitelite Baked Protein Bar
Casein Slow digesting protein ideally to reduce muscle catabolism at night. Pros-Can be added to make the protein requirement. If working out on travel, casein ensures delivery of amino acids in sleep to avoid catabolism 1 To 2 scoops At bedtime Rule 1 caseinRule 1 casein
Calcium, Vitamin D Calcium and vitamin D required for maintaining bone health and for muscle contraction. Pros-Helps prevent bone loss
Cons- Nil
1000 gm/day for non-exercising indivisuals and 1000-1500 mg according to exercise intensity. Take calcium citrate malate with Vitamin K27 and Vitamin D3 15-30 Min before meal. Vitrovea Triple CalciumVitrovea Triple Calcium
Probiotics Travelling may cause digestive issues. To avoid issues like traveller's diarrhoea-2 things can be done - to lay off sugar on which bad bacteria thrive on and include probiotics. In particular, a study on S. boulardi, probiotic yeast shows that it has protective effect against traveller diarrhoea. Pros-Helps maintain gut health
Cons- Nil
To maintain microorganism balance take 1 to 2 million colony forming units (CFU's) daily or every other day. To correct a problem, probiotics containing 10 million CFUs can be taken daily for upto 2 weeks. Can be taken twice daily between meals Probiotics - S. BourdiProbiotics - S. Bourdi
Multivitamins Required to meet RDA of micronutrients Pros-Important to avoid deficiencies Depends on the daily requirement 1 or 2 servings can be taken Can be taken post workout or post meals Vitrovea Daily MultiVitrovea Daily Multi
CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Act as potent antioxidant to prevent cell damage and maintain heart health Pros-There is no requirement for other multivitamins if CoQ10 and L Carnitine are taken
100-200 mg/day Post workout and bedtime Inlife CoQ10Inlife CoQ10
Fish Oil It is antiimflammatory, balances harmones and improves cardiovascular health - 1000mg daily (EPA and DHA) or more for exercising indivisuals With meals in 2-3 divided doses. Vitrovea Fish OilVitrovea Fish Oil
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) ALA is an insulin mimicker and excellent nutrient partitioner. It blocks partial conversion of ingested carbohydrates to fat Pros-It allows health conscious people/athletes to indulge in high GI foods without wrapping the waist with excess body fat. Also works an effective antioxidant
Cons- Nil
An insuline mimicker 900-1200 mg daily before high carb meals. As an antioxidant 600-800 mg daily. As an insuline mimicker - ALA has to be taken 15-30mins before high carbohydrate meals. As an antioxidant -ALA should be taken post workout or post meals Vitrovea Double Strength Alpha Lipoic AcidVitrovea Double Strength Alpha Lipoic Acid
If the person wants to workout, these supplements can be added
Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) Provides energy to muscles and prevents catabolism post strength training Pros-Provides energy and prevents catobolism
Cons- It is gluconeogenic, so cannot be taken on a ketogenic plan
5-10 gms in 2 divied doses Pe-workout, intra-workout or post-workout Procel BCAAProcel BCAA
Glutamine Prevents Muscle Catabolism Pros-Muscle breakdown is avoided
Cons -It is gluconeogenic, so cannot be taken on a ketogenic plan
20 gm a day Post workout Procel Glutamine ComplexProcel Glutamine Complex
Caffeine/Pre-workout A good pre-workout supplement that gives power required to push a heavy workout Pros-Provides energy for workout
Cons -Can be cumbersome to carry multiple supplements
1 Serving according to the brand 30 mins preworkout Cellular C4 riped pre-workoutcellular-c4.jpeg
❝ Frequent travelling can lead to eating different food at different times which can lead to uncomfortable digestive issues such as traveller’s diarrhoea❞


Travelling can be fun, but only if you stay healthy along the way. So be sure to create a travel packing list for your next trip. By doing so you are sure you are not compromising on your health. BON VOYAGE!

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Travel can wear you down and can take a toll on the health. Any frequent traveller should keep his or her physical health in mind. Read on to know more about must-have travel supplements

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