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Supp Mint Strip with Vitamin D 30strips
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  • Vitamints Mint Strips with Vitamin D
  • Sugar Free Mouth Freshner Dissolvable Strips
  • 400IU Vitamin D in Each Strip
  • 30 Strips (3 Dispensers x 10 Strips)
  • Vegetarian, No side Effects, No prescription required
  • Paraben free, Gluten Free,NON GMO.
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Brand Supp Nutrition
Category Vitamins & Minerals
Key Ingredients Cholecalciferol-400IU, Menth Verdis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil, Pullulan, Mannitol, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Menthol Crystals, Sucralose, Lecithin, Glycerol, Fast Green and Purified Water
Pack size 30 strips
Flavor Mint
Veg / Nonveg Veg
Goal Fresh breath with Strong Bones

1.Each pack contains a set of three compact dispensers for easy use. Each dispenser contains 10 strips. 2.They dissolve immediately and pure spearmint extract ensures that the freshness lasts all day long. 3. Estimates by doctors and researchers show that 80% of the Indian population is deficient in the sunshine vitamin. 4. Vitamints use Cholecalciferol Vitamin D which is biologically identical to your body’s own D3 and it packs 400 IU into tiny dissolvable mint strips. 5. Vitamints contain stabilized D3 to ensure that your body receives high potency Vitamin D3. 6. Vitamin D plays a significant role in the regulation and absorption of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. It also promotes healthy muscle function and is responsible for maintaining appropriate phosphorus levels in the blood. 7. Vitamin D3 is likewise known to help keep parts of your immune system working admirably, which is your body’s first line of defence. 8. VitaMints are designed to support nutrition, convenience, flavor and experience needs.

Take out a strip. Place it on tongue and let it dissolve.

Q.1 Why do I need it Vitamin D?

Despite its sunny environment, there is a notable deficiency in around 70-80% of the Indian population with varying degrees of Calcium deficiency. Thus it is advisable to consume Vitamin D with a Calcium supplement to maximize the results.

Q.2 What are the factors that lead to Vitamin D deficiency?

Overusing sunscreen, obesity, dark skin, and indoor lifestyle are some of the major reasons why so many of us are deficient in Vitamin D today.

Q.3 What are the visible symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency?

Studies suggest that more than 80% of Indians are deficient in the sunshine vitamin. However, some of the most common visible symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are excessive sweating, unexpected weakness, chronic muscle & joint pain, weakened bones, and depression.

Q.4 Does a vegan diet lead to deficiency of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiency is a problem among vegans and omnivores alike. A person is most likely to develop a deficiency if sources of Vitamin D are not included in the diet or exposure to sun is insufficient.

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Supp Mint Strip with Vitamin D 30strips

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