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Supp Daily Ritual For Skin, Bones and Immunity
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  • Calcium, Vitamin D & Vitamin C
  • Dietary Supplement for Men & Women
  • Skin, Bones & Immunity
  • 90 pills in 30 sachets (1 Month)
  • Vegetarian, No side Effects, No prescription required
  • .Paraben free, Gluten Free,NON GMO.
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Attribute Value
Brand Supp Nutrition
Category Vitamins & Minerals
Pack size 90 Tabs
Veg / Nonveg Veg
Goal Skin, Bones, Immunity
Serving Size 1 sachet (3 pills)
Flavor Unflavoured
Key Ingredients Vitamin C( Ascorbic acid)- 1000mg, Vitamin D( Cholecalciferol)-1000IU, Vitamin Calcium( Calcium Carbonate)-1000mg

Daily Ritual is a Vitamin and Mineral kit loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C, D and Calcium. A simplified health plan for your skin, bones, teeth, and immunity. Each box contains 30 sachets for your monthly nutrition. One sachet to be consumed every day, preferably after breakfast. The Calcium bank in the bones can be renewed only till the age of 18. After that, the bank cannot be renewed and can only be maintained.

During bone "remodelling" process, if more calcium is removed from bones than it is replaced by the body, they slowly become weaker and more prone to breaking. Therefore, it is important to consider supplementation for maintaining optimum calcium levels in the body. Calcium is essential for healthy teeth because it helps remineralise enamel. It also makes the jaw bones stronger which is essential for healthy gums and teeth. Collagen is the most abundant protein that provides your skin a structure. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C and its role in collagen synthesis make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health.

Vitamin C neutralises free radicals and prevents breakouts by keeping skin pores free of dead skin cells. It helps fade the appearance of dark marks and scars from old pimples. Iron is an important nutrient which is essential for making red blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body. Vitamin C assists in converting iron that is poorly absorbed, into a form that is easier to absorb. When the right amount of Vitamin D reaches the receptors present throughout your body, it turns on the responsive genes and modulates your immune system. Vitamin D is also known to catalyse and assist the absorption of Calcium in our body. Without its presence, calcium cannot be used wholly in the system. In addition, it is also a great enhancer of cardiovascular health.

Take 1 sachet (3 pills) daily preferably after meal or as directed by your physician

Q.1 Can one overdose on Vitamin C?

No. Since excess of it gets flushed out of your body automatically, one cannot overdose on Vitamin C.

Q.2 Will I see instant results after consuming Vitamin C?

Yes. Vitamin C is a very active ingredient and it penetrates deep into the layers of the epidermis. Its antioxidant properties make it a vital nutrient for skin health and collagen synthesis.There are multiple ways through which Vitamin C deficiency can affect you. Fatigue, easy bruising, joint pain, bumpy skin, and bleeding gums being some of them.

Q.3 Does Vit C help anaemic patients?

Yes, Vitamin C is known to increase the effectiveness of iron through enhanced absorption. 

Q.4 Why do I need Calcium?

Bones have their personal Calcium bank that cannot be renewed after your teenage. The Calcium levels get depleted because there are a number of roles (including muscle and nerve function) that calcium is responsible for. When the needs are not met, the body consumes the Calcium from the bones in your body. Even though, the Calcium bank in the bones cannot be renewed, it must be maintained through required amount of Calcium to keep bones and teeth healthy for a long time.

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