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Scitec Amino Liquid 30 Cactus Fig/Lime 1000 ml

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  • Essential Branched-Chain Amino Acids based Formula
  • Fortified with Vitamin B6
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A great solution for athlete needing refueling and repair, where carbohydrates are to fuel and release insulin while Aminos and protein are for repair.

  • Full Spectrum Amino Acids: For maximum training results, Liquid Amino provides full spectrum amino acids with excellent amount of 7.5g aminos.
    The balance of vital aminos along with the most important BCAA’s helps replenish the aminos and quick start the muscle recovery process.
  • Liquid Delivery System: The liquid form of aminos gives the advantage of fast digestion and quick absorption in muscles to start the recovery process.
  • Fortified With Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 acts as a powerful energy support in exercising individuals. Liquid Amino 30 has 6mg of Vitamin B6 to support optimum energy levels.

Products specifications

Attribute Value
Pack size 1000 ml
Flavor Cactus fig/lime
Veg / Nonveg Non-Veg
Goal Muscle Gain & Size
Serving Size 25 ml
No. of Servings 40
Kcal/ Serving 43
Protein/ Serving (g) 7.5
Cost Per Gram Of Protein (Rs.) 7.5
Carbs/Serving (g) 2.5
Sugar/Serving (g) 2.5
Key Ingredients Collagen Hydrolysate, Vitamin B6
Total Protein/Jar (g) 300
Cost Per Serving (Rs.) 56.23
Brand Scitec
Category BCAA Products

Fast Facts

How to use

  • Amino Acids supplements contain all the important amino acids, including essential amino acids like BCAA’s.
  • These provide the anabolic boost in-between the meals and thus help enhance and maximize muscle growth and recuperation.
  • Despite the fact that they are intrinsically present in first class proteins, they are required in additional amounts especially for exercising individuals and athletes for their stand-alone benefits apart from their obvious role as building blocks of proteins.
  • Take 1-3 servings pre and post workout for best utilization. In between meals and before bed for increased muscle protein synthesis.


  1. What are Amino Acids?
  • Amino Acids are building blocks are protein.
  • There are total 22 Amino Acids
  • Any protein source is made up of these amino acid chains arranged in a specific sequence.
  1. What are Full Spectrum Aminos?
  • Full spectrum aminos are all the essential amino acids, including branched chain leucine, isoleucine and valine accounting for 35% of the essential amino acids thus aids in muscle proteins. 
  1. How does Vitamin B6 help me with Amino?
  • Vitamin B6 helps contribute to normal protein and glycogen metabolism, to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and to the regulation of hormonal activity.
  1. When and how much can I consume?
  • Drink 1-3 servings (1-3 x 25 ml) of AMINO LIQUID a day before or during or after training
  1. Is it safe to have Liquid Amino?
  • Yes it is totally safe