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Rule 1 Casein Chocolate Fudge 4.1 lbs

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  • Delayed micellar casein absorption
  • 25g protein/serving - overnight formula for extended amino activity
  • 7-8 hours of continual absorption
  • Naturally rich in BCAAs
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Just because you sleep doesn't mean your muscles do. That's why bedtime is the perfect time for R1 CASEIN's 25g of sustained-release, between-meal proteins to support muscular development & recovery.

  • 25g protein/serving - overnight formula for extended amino activity
  • 7-8 hours of continual absorption - serious sustained-release fuel
  • Naturally rich in BCAAs - to boost energy, metabolism & recovery

Products specifications

Attribute Value
Pack size 4.1 Lbs
Flavor Chocolate Fudge
Veg / Nonveg Veg
Goal Muscle Gain & Size
Serving Size 34 g
No. of Servings 55
Kcal/ Serving 120
Protein/ Serving (g) 25
Cost Per Gram Of Protein (Rs.) 4.94
Carbs/Serving (g) 3
Sugar/Serving (g) 1
Primary Protein Source Micellar Casein
Key Ingredients Micellar Casein
Total Protein/Jar (g) 1375
Cost Per Serving (Rs.) 123.62
Brand Rule 1
Protein % 74%
Category Casein

Fast Facts

How to use

  • Micellar Casein is a slow digesting protein that provides a steady stream of amino acids to muscles.
  • Casein is best consumed at bedtime. Can also be used between major meals and before exercise.
  • Mix 1 serving of R1 CASEIN (1 scoop) with minimum of 10-12 oz. of water in a shaker cup.
  • For better solution use room temperature water.
  • Also to avoid powder getting stuck to the shaker add water first and then add protein to water.


Q.1 What is R1 Casein?

 R1 CASEIN delivers 25g of pure, concentrated 100% micellar casein formula, providing prolonged amino acid delivery for upto 7hours to help prevent muscle breakdown.

Q.2 What is Casein protein?

 Casein Protein is the pre-dominant protein in milk consisting of about 80% of total milk protein. It is a slow digesting protein that provides a steady stream of amino acids to muscles -- up to 7 hours. Due its property of getting digested slowly it is also known as Bedtime Protein

Q.3 How is casein in R1 CASEIN derived?

 R1 CASEIN contains only Micellar Casein that is derived from milk. Casein as found in milk is micellar casein- the undenatured form of casein. The term Micellar comes from the word Micelle which in simple English means bubble. Micellar Casein is derived through a special process of extraction that extracts casein without any heat, acid or precipitation treatment. When casein is extracted in intact from milk through such special process it is called as Micellar Casein. There are other forms of casein available which are denatured through harsh methods of precipitation, the most common of which is Calcium Caseinate found in many supplements. Caseinates are a denatured form of casein protein and no longer possess the slow release properties provided by it.

Q.4 Can I take R1 CASEIN if I am lactose intolerant?

 Casein is Milk Protein. Hence, Casein in isolated form will also have trace amount of lactose present in it. However, if you are completely lactose intolerant we would suggest you to restrict the consumption.

Q.5 Is R1 CASEIN suitable for consumption by vegetarians?

 It is a milk protein.

Q.6 Since casein is a protein derived from milk, why cant we simply drink milk?

 No, drinking milk cannot be a substitute for casein for two good reasons. Firstly, the quantity of milk you need, to get the required amount of casein is very large which is practically not possible to consume at one time

Q.7 Since R1 CASEIN is a protein powder, do I still need it if I eat chicken, fish on a daily basis?

 Although protein requirement can be met through whole foods, sports nutrition demands emphasis on certain meals viz. pre-workout/post-workout/bed-time for optimum muscle gain. Since the duration of sleep is a time when body is not going to receive any solid meal for upto 7hours, having a slow-digesting Micellar casein can provide a sustained trickle of amino acids to last this duration and prevent muscle catabolism. Therefore, supplementing with R1 CASEIN during bedtime becomes crucial even for those eating chicken, fish or other animal protein sources.

Q.8 Does R1 CASEIN helps lose fat as well as building muscle mass?

 Casein is Anti-catabolic. It will prevent muscle loss. Also, it is a slow digesting protein and hence will help build muscle.

Q.9 What is the best time to consume R1 Casein?

 The best time to consume R1 CASEIN is at bed-time to help prevent muscle breakdown while you are sleeping. Alternatively, you can also take it Pre-workout or in between the meals for anabolic support during the long gaps in meals.

Q.10 Should it be consumed in milk or water?

 R1 CASEIN should not be mixed with milk. There is no point in increasing the lactose load by having in milk. There is no need to take in milk, always have it in water.

Q.11 Can I stack R1 CASEIN with Whey protein?

 Yes. Both can be had together for optimum anabolic and anti-catabolic support.