Oziva - Gainer & Herbs Mass Gainer Chocolate 2.2 Lbs

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  • Gainer & Herbs Is a High Protein Formula For Optimum Muscle Mass Gain.
  • Each Scoop Is Packed with Class-1 Protein,
  • Herbs Helps to Recover, Gain Muscle Faster and Improve Appetite
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    Gainer & Herbs Is A High Protein Formula For Optimum Muscle Mass Gain And Weight Gain. Each Scoop Is Packed With Class-1 Protein, Complex Carbs And Essential Micronutrients For A Power-packed Post Workout And In-between Meals Shake. It Helps You Pack On Serious Mass To Develop Your Physique.

    The Proprietary Blend Of Ayurvedic Herbs Helps To Recover, Gain Muscle Faster And Improve Appetite. Each Serving (2 Scoops) Of Gainer & Herbs Gives You: 20 Gm Of Protein 70 Gm Complex Carbs 28 Essential Vitamins And Minerals Our Proprietary Blend Of Ayurvedic Herbs Ashwagandha, Pippali, Tulsi, Ginger, Yastimadhu, Ginseng & Spirulina Enhance Gainer & Herbs By Adding A Nourishing Boost Of Energy- Both For Your Mind As Well As Body.


    This Well-Crafted Product Helps To: Build Mass And Develop Your Physique, Recover Muscles Faster, Post Workout, Improve The Digestive Health, Boost Stamina And Fight Fatigue, Provide Mental Clarity And Relieves Anxiety.


    Nutrition Helpline: You Can Drop Us A Mail At Nutrition@oziva.In Or Call Us At 91-9769298556 And Our Experts Will Help You With Your Diet Queries & Help You In Achieving Your Fitness Goal.

    Uncompromised Quality - FSSAI/ISO Certified This Product Has Undergone Thorough Safety And Quality Checks And Has Been Manufactured At FSSAI/ISO Certified Quarters.

    How To Use? Add 2 Scoops (100 Gm.) Of Gainer & Herbs To 300 Ml Of Milk ( You Can Also Add A Banana), And Blend/ Shake Well And Have Twice A Day.

    You Can Have It With Breakfast: Take First Thing In The Morning Along With Your Breakfast To Kickstart Your Day Or Post Workout: Take 20 Mins. After Workout To Help Recover And Build Muscle. OR Before Bed: 45-60 Mins. Prior To Sleep, So That It Enables Muscle Recovery Throughout The Night.h safety and quality checks and has been manufactured at FSSAI/ISO certified quarters.