KETOFUEL Original Zero-Carb MCT+Coconut Oil Fat Powder 500g Unflavored

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  • Precision blend of MCT Oil + Coconut Oil to support LCHF (Low-Carb-High-Fat) diets such as the Ketogenic or the Paleo diet
  • Rich in C8 Caprylic Acid for brain energy + C12 Lauric acid to fight cellular inflammation
  • Patent-pending Zero-Carb* technology
  • No acacia or corn fibers. No keto-gimmicks. Full disclosure label including “Total Sugars” and not just “Added sugar”
  • Ideal to boost the fat content of your protein shakes or hot beverages. Completely instantized.
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    KETOFUEL® Original is a breakthrough fat complex with ZERO CARBS* innovated and mastered by the researchers at Neucorp®. KETOFUEL® Original was specifically formulated for LCHF (Low-Carb-High-Fat) diets including the widely popular ketogenic diet as well as Paleo diets.

    KETOFUEL® Original is composed of equal parts MCT oil and Coconut oil to provide both, the instant energy enhancing benefits of MCTs as well as the anti-inflammatory and fat-loss benefits of Coconut fat. As opposed to other MCT or Coconut powders on the market, which have anywhere from 20-30% carbs as well as a generous load of corn or acacia fibers, KETOFUEL® Original is completely ZERO CARB owing to our patent-pending technology.

    Now no more carrying messy oils or butter packets for your daily brew! KETOFUEL® Original can be easily carried around for adding to your Protein shakes or your Coffee.

    Unflavored KETOFUEL Original is your perfect companion to boost the fat content of your favorite foods or shakes. Unflavored KETOFUEL® can be stirred, whipped or shaken. Simply add 1-2 SERVINGS (1-2 scoops) of KETOFUEL to your favorite foods or protein shakes. Clumps in the product are normal due to the high fat content and may increase if cold liquid is used.

    Q1. What is Ketofuel® Original

    KETOFUEL® is a breakthrough fat complex with ZERO CARBS innovated and mastered by the researchers at Neucorp.

    Q2. What is the composition of Ketofuel® Original

    KETOFUEL contains a precision blend of MCT oil and Coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio. It uses a patent-pending, breakthrough technology which produces the end product with ZERO CARBS.

    Q3. What are health benefits of Ketofuel®

    Ketofuel® is a unique & patented fat mix made up of equal parts MCTs & Coconut Oil to give you the best of both, the improved mental clarity, instant energy and ketogenic benefits of MCTs, as well as the anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy effects of Coconut Oil.

    Q4. How is Ketofuel® Original different from commonly available Coconut Oil or MCT oil

    Commonly available Coconut Oil may be mislabelled as cold-pressed or virgin or organic. Similarly for MCT oils commonly available in the market, our lab tests show that the C8/C10 ratios differ significantly and are non-standardized. Ketofuel® uses ultra-pure sources of both of the above to give you guaranteed label claim compliance as well the ultra-purity of the end product. Also, oils can be difficult to carry, store and accurately measure when adding to cooking or hot/cold beverages.

    Q5. What is the significance of adding both MCT’s and Coconut oil in Ketofuel®

    Both Coconut oil and MCT oil have their own benefits. Coconut oil is rich in Lauric Acid (C12) which has significant anti-inflammatory properties and is extremely heart healthy. MCTs are a quick source of instant energy, improve cognition and boost ketone production, which are the finest fuel source for the brain.

    Q6. What are the usage occasions for Ketofuel® Original

    KETOFUEL Original can be added to any foods or protein shakes where you want to boost the fat content of the food. It can be added to Protein shakes, hot beverages such as tea or coffee or even cold liquids.

    Q7. Is Ketofuel® Original suitable for vegetarians

    Yes Ketofuel Original is completely vegetarian

    Q8. Can I take Ketofuel® year round?

    Yes you absolutely can and should, for overall health benefits.

    Q9. Can Ketofuel® original suitable for children and non-exercising adults

    Yes absolutely. Ketofuel® can be added to any foods and beverages to boost its healthy fat content and thereby provide you a host of health benefits as described above