CaloPro Chocomond Protein Bar Pack of 4

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  • 15g Isolate Whey Protein
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Soy Protein
  • No Sugar Alcohols
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • 0g TransFat
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A portable, nutritious snack covered in decadent dark chocolate and almond made with concentrate whey, vegan ingredients in deliciously indulgent flavors.
This bar is free from liquid glucose, refined sugars, and artificial sweeteners which makes this product nutritionally rich and tasty!
This product has anti-oxidant properties, it helps in anti-ageing, also improves quality of nutrients.

“Healthy fats” that are naturally present in the nuts balances lipid profile, also reduces insulin resistance, thereby making this snack suitable for diabetics too. Lastly, the low Glycemic Index and Gluten free smart grain flour makes it the Ideal ON-THE-GO Protein Bar for any Athlete.

You can use this as Pre/Post Workout or as a Meal Replacement Snack.

Q1. How are CaloBox’s unique snacks different?

Just about everything! CaloBox’s movement #CaloYou #CaloIndia makes it a daily (and for some fans, an hourly) snacking buddy. However, the snacking industry is crowded with numerous types of chips, cookies, and munchies that are conveniently stationed over the counter, almost all these mass-produced snacks contain abundance of artificial flavours, synthetic colours, oils, and other harmful additives. Carefully crafted snacks at CaloBox, on the other hand, have been sourced to provide extremely pure and authentic ingredients that help you beinge freely. CaloBox pledges to promote snacks which offers Protein, Omega 3, Energizers, Vitamins, Minerals and Fibres, plus an incredible taste and low calories. Lastly, we aim to make snacking fun & healthy since our wide range of products makes sure you’re never bored… but we suggest you experience that for yourself.

Q2. What sort of snacks are these?

CaloBox offers numerous heathy dry snacks that are packaged in easy-to- carry resealable pouches, varying from roasties all the way to superfoods. All our snacks are 100% Vegan, Jain Friendly and extremely tasty! CaloChef doesn’t rely on additives and preservatives to artificially enhance the natural self-life of our snacks, thus making sure the snacks are fresh with a shelf life of 3 months. Moreover, every pouch mentions the shelf life of each product within which it should be consumed.

Q3. By when can I consume it?

CaloChef promises to deliver fresh and nutritious snacks, thus most of our snacks have an average shelf life of 3 months or 90 days. However, we urge all our customers to check the back sticker of your snack for details of the exact shelf life of your snack.