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Musclepharm Amino1 Orange Mango 32 Servings
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  • BCAAs based Amino Acid formula
  • Muscle Building, repair and recovery
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Attribute Value
Pack size 32 Servs
Flavor Orange Mango
Veg / Nonveg Veg
Goal Muscle Gain & Size
Serving Size 13.37 g
No. of Servings 32
Kcal/ Serving 5
Carbs/Serving (g) 2
Key Ingredients BCAAs, Glycine, Alanine, Citrulline malate, Taurine, Betaine
Cost Per Serving (Rs.) 92.16
Brand Musclepharm
Category BCAA Products

MusclePharm engineered Amino is the ultimate recovery & hydration sports drink specially formulated for all athletes that are quick-absorbing and supplies free form amino acids, instantized BCAAs, and a complete electrolyte balance with amazing taste.

  • Amino brings endurance, hydration, muscle building and in-workout recovery in “1″ comprehensive formula.
  • Quick-Absorbing
  • Amino was designed for athletes and contains over 10,000mg of amino acids–patent pending 3:1:2 ratio instantized BCAAs–for sustained stamina and muscle building.
  • Helps work through the Soreness
  • Amino delivers nutrients through multiple pathways, maximizing your body’s overall ability to transfer, carry nutrients, and ultimately support recovery.
  • Excellent Hydration & Electrolyte System
  • All natural coconut water concentrate is one of nature’s super foods a complete balance of electrolytes and minerals and it maximizes uptake.
  • Sports Drink is formulated to provide optimal hydration either prior, during or post an exercise activity.
  • The specific formulation of carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration allows maximal absorption of the fluid by the intestinal tract ensuring re-hydration and replenishment of important electrolytes.
  • The best time to take Sports Drink is before training and during training.
  • Take one (1) serving (1 scoop) of AMINO mixed into 12-16 oz. (354-473mL) of cold water, before, during, or after a workout.
  • On non-training days, consume throughout the day, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Q.1  What are BCAAs?

Branched-chain amino acids are obtained from proteins found in diet only especially meat, dairy products, and legumes. These cannot be produced by the body. They comprise of amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine and are essential for the muscle synthesis, maintenance and repair.

Q.2 How do BCAAs Work?

 BCAAs are metabolized in the muscle and not in the liver. When protein is broken down into individual amino acids, the BCAA can either be used to build new proteins or be burned as fuel to produce energy. Of the 3 BCAAs, Leucine is the one which triggers the Muscle Synthesis through the mTor pathway.

Q.3 What are Electrolytes?

 Electrolytes are charges particles that are responsible to maintain fluid balance in your body. Sodium and Potassium are two important electrolytes that keep a tight control over extracellular (outside cell) and intra cellular (inside cell) water balance. They help in transport of nutrients into cells and removal of wastes out of them, optimum transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction or relaxation, blood pressure control, and optimum gland functioning. In addition, electrolytes also help maintain the acidity or pH of body fluids, mainly of blood. Exercise causes loss of these important electrolytes through sweat and hence their replacement becomes imperative for normal functioning of body.

Q.4 What Is Amino 1 as Product?

 MusclePharm Amino 1 is ultimate recovery hydration sports drink. Amino 1 supports improved stamina, muscle building, hydration and during workout recovery in 1 comprehensive formula. Amino 1 gives power and supplies free form amino acids, instantized BCAAs, and a complete electrolyte balance. BCAAs are known to support muscle maintenance, endurance and recovery.

Q.5 How much BCAA will 1 serving of Amino 1 give?

 1 serving of Amino 1 gives 3gms BCAA.

Q.6 Is Amino 1 Unflavored?

 It is available in flavored form only

Q.7 Can Amino 1 be consumed intra workout?

 BCAAs can be used by muscle cells as source of energy. This may help delay muscle breakdown during endurance exercise and help support recovery and repair after weight training.

Q.8 Is Amino 1 Stimulant free?

 Yes it is completely stimulant free.

Q.9 When to consume BCAA?

 1st thing in the morning Intra workout and Post workout

Q.10 Do I need to supplement my body with BCAAs or Whey is enough?

 Whey protein has been well-researched to be the best known source of naturally occurring BCAA. Despite the fact that they are intrinsically present in first class proteins, they are required in additional amounts especially for exercising individuals and athletes for their stand-alone benefits apart from their obvious role as building blocks of proteins.

Q.11 For weight gaining is BCAA supplementation important?

 Yes, As BCAAs are metabolized in muscle rather than in liver they play a very crucial role in muscle synthesis. Leucine triggers the muscle protein synthesis (mTor pathway). Hence supplementing with BCAA for muscle building is very important BCAAs can also be burned as fuel to produce energy hence muscle protein is spared. Can BCAA be taken along with the Full spectrum or essential amino acid supplements. BCAA can be take intra and Post workout for Muscle protein synthesis and energy. Full spectrum amino acids or Essential amino acids can be consumed post meals for anabolic boosts Amino 1

Q.12 can be mixed with whey protein?  Will it have any side effect?

 Yes it can be mixed with Whey protein shake it wont have any side effect. However, since it is a flavored product the combination may not taste great. We would suggest you to mix it with 250-300ml water and sip intra workout.

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