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Cellucor P6 Chrome Testosterone Support 60 Capsules
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  • Adaptest (KSM-66 Ashwagandha)
  • Tribulus Alatus Fruit
  • Fenugreek
  • Agaricus Bisporus
  • 3-Diindolylmethane
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Attribute Value
Pack size 60 Caps
Flavor Unflavored
Veg / Nonveg Non-Veg
Goal Strength & Recovery
Serving Size 2 Caps
No. of Servings 30
Key Ingredients Ashwagandha, Tribulus, Fenugreek, Agaricus
Cost Per Serving (Rs.) 110
Brand Cellucor
Category Libido Support

AMPLIFY YOUR TESTOSTERONE Testosterone is associated with being strong, being lean and being on top of your game. But a drop in testosterone can leave you feeling the opposite. Amplify your testosterone with P6 Chrome. P6 Chrome contains five essential ingredients that act together to support testosterone and regulate estrogen so that you can enhance lean muscle and improve sexual function.

WHY REGULATE ESTROGEN? Your body strives constantly to achieve a balanced state. When testosterone levels rise, your body increases estrogen in an effort to balance the hormonal spike. As estrogen escalates, so do the unwanted effects—low libido, decreased strength, and poor potential for muscle growth.

P6 Chrome helps modulate rising estrogen while it supports elevated testosterone levels. A 360° VIEW OF P6 CHROME Supports Testosterone Promotes Lean Muscle Support Sexual Function Modulates Estrogen PEELING BACK THE LABEL The P6 Chrome formula contains the trifecta for testosterone support: Adaptest™ Ashwagandha, Tribulus Alatus, and Fenugreek. P6 Chrome also utilizes two well-known ingredients to help keep your estrogen in check: Agaricus bisporus and DIM (3-Diindolylmethane).

Take one serving (2 capsules) daily with or without food. DO NOT EXCEED 2 CAPSULES PER DAY. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.

Q.1 What is ‘Cellucor P6 Chrome Testosterone Support’?

‘Cellucor P6 Chrome Testosterone Support’ is a natural testosterone booster, formulated to reduce rising estrogen while improving testosterone levels. It has five essential ingredients that act together to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen so that lean muscle and sexual function are improved.

Q.2 What is the composition of’ Cellucor P6 Chrome Testosterone Support’?

’Cellucor P6 Chrome Testosterone Support’ contains ingredients like Adaptest™ (KSM-66 Ashwagandha), Fenugreek seed extract, Agaricus bisporus, Tribulus alatus and 3-Diindolymethane

Q.3 What is Adaptest (KSM-66 Ashwagandha) ?

It is the most effective standardized extract of ashwagandha – a daily serving has been shown to improve muscle size, strength and natural testosterone levels in healthy adult men. It also helps balancing hormones and reducing the detrimental effects of stress.

Q.4 Why Fenugreek?

There are many health benefits of fenugreek as reduces inflammation inside the body, maintain healthy testosterone levels, improve digestive problems, improves cholesterol level, controls blood sugar and diabetes, increases appetite and improves exercise performance.

Q.5 What is 3-Diindolymethane?

As the level of testosterone increases in body, the level of estrogen also increases which has many side effects. 3-Diindolymethane is a significant ingredient due to its ability to modulate estrogen metabolism, which helps to minimize the negative effects of estrogen.

Q.6 What is Agaricus bisporus?

It is a critical ingredient in the P6 Chrome Blend, known for its ability to inhibit aromatase activity to support healthy estrogen levels.

Q.7 What is Tribulus alatus fruit?

Tribulus alatus shows to be a potent libido enhancer known to enhance androgen receptor density in the brain which may increase the libido enhancing properties of androgens. It increases sexual well-being, erectile function and promotes muscle growth in adult male.

Q.8 How to use ‘Cellucor P6 Chrome Testosterone Support’?

Take one serving (2 capsules) of ‘Cellucor P6 Chrome Testosterone Support’ daily with or without food DO NOT EXCEED 2 CAPSULES PER DAY. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.

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