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Bone & Joint

Get advanced, scientifically designed formulations for overall bone and joint health, pain relief and flexibility. Stay Active! Poor bone and joint health can act as a hindrance to leading an active lifestyle. Weak bones and joints cause discomfort, pain and affect the quality of life.

Age, lack of physical exercise, stressful lifestyle and pro-inflammatory nutrition are some of the factors that contribute to poor joint health. Although conventional therapies have been used extensively to relieve pain associated with joint conditions, research has proven their long term use is either ineffective or have adverse effects, which do not make them an ideal choice of therapy.

Hence, latest nutrient research advancements support use of natural bioactive ingredients as highly effective and safer b1alternatives to these conventional therapies.

Bone health supplements are widely available in market but lack in efficacy due to use of cheap nutrient sources which have poor bioavailability in body. Moreover, these supplements provide only few nutrients in sub-optimal dosages which render them ineffective and expensive without any health benefit. Vitrovea range of bone and health supplements are patent-pending formulations that include high efficacy and scientifically backed nutraceutical ingredients with active dosages in highly bioavailable forms focused on curbing inflammation and increasing delivery of vital nutrients to help maintain flexibility, functionality of joints and promote bone health.

Picture of MEGACURC® Triple Strength Fish Oil, Curcumin & Boswellia (60ct)
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₹ 1749
₹ 2499
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Picture of Triple-Calcium Advanced Bone Support Formula with MK-7, D3 & Zinc 120 tabs
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₹ 899
₹ 1199
21 Reviews
Picture of Triple-Calcium Advanced Bone Support Formula with MK-7, D3 & Zinc 200 tabs
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₹ 1349
₹ 1799
1 Reviews