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We are Sports Nutrition. That’s right, you can pretty much call that our First and Last name. Our founder, Samit Gupta, started a small Company in 1999, to take care of his own needs for fitness supplements in a yet non-existent industry; little did he know that what he was setting in motion is today, probably India’s most promising sunrise industry with a multi-billion dollar future for growth. What started as a hobby in an Engineering dorm room, is today nothing short of a Revolution in Indian Fitness.

The Go-to people for Genuine & Safe Dietary Supplements and Vitamins

By accurate Scientific Information on Exercise Science and Nutritional Protocols

Great Prices & Amazing Customer Service on a wide range of products

Neulife has come a long way since 1999 when Supplements were misunderstood to be harmful Steroids. Under Samit’s visionary guidance, constant Education and countless Roadshows, Workshops and Seminars were conducted across the nation over the years, Supplements are today considered an indispensable part of any result oriented and scientifically developed sports and fitness program.

Everyone has been asking for it for a while now, but honestly, there was just so much information we wanted to put out there for our users, that we never really felt ready. And this is only the beginning. What sets us truly apart from virtually every other portal out there is that every last shred of information on this portal is organically fuelled with Solid Science (and not some social media agency content writer googling the cr*p out of…well, google) led tirelessly by our phenomenal advisory board and support teams (see below).

Neulife.com is a place where users come to seek Expert Advice and read up on the latest (& greatest) in the world of Nutrition, Exercise Science and Supplementation from our Best-in-Class knowledge banks.

Neulife.com, at its core is a 360 degree take on fitness

A revolutionary concept which provides a unified platform for the fitness-obsessed, powerlifters, strength fanatics, crossfitters and yes, bodybuilders.

For Health & Fitness Professionals to Learn, Share and Inspire.

Knowledge – Our Strength

The Best Advisory Board headed by Kaizzad Capadia and powered by NCNR and K-11

The best information out there, mostly original, some reproduced yet critiqued to ensure that you don’t take home any Bro Science

A First-of-its kind platform

To give you Permanent Freedom from Fake and Second-hand supplements

Neulife.com is the new face of Genuinity, with new-age technology integration to deliver a direct supply of Genuine products to your door step

Neulife.com is NOT a shopping kart