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The NEUCORP Group is a pioneer in the fitness nutrition space and comprises INNOVERTUS Nutrition Technologies India PLC, NEUVERA Wellness Ventures PLC and NEULIFE Nutrition India PLC


NEULIFE is the leading Indian company in the field of sports nutrition products and dietary supplements. Incorporated over a decade ago, they are pioneers in introducing the concept of sports nutrition as well as educating the masses about the need to be fit and healthy, thus facilitating a burgeoning multi-million dollar industry today.

Today NEULIFE operates India’s first and only chain of specialty sports nutrition superstores under the brand name- NEULIFE STORE with 42 locations across 25 cities. Neulife also exclusively represents and distributes high quality, genuine, international brands of sports nutrition supplements through its Group arm- NEUVERA.


INNOVERTUS, the Research & Development arm of the NEUCORP Group, is a Formulations, Product Development and Nutraceutical manufacturing Company headquartered in Mumbai with 3rd party manufacturing plants in 3 strategic locations. Each of these sites is GMP, TGA, HACCP and ISO-22000 compliant. Innovertus has several in-process patents on both the ingredients and formulation side.


NEUVERA specializes in RTM (route-to-market) solutions for its global partners. All of these are exclusive/authorized B2B partnerships with strategic long-term objectives to penetrate and succeed in the Indian market. We are proud to house some of the world’s finest brands in sports nutrition, general health and fitness in our portfolio.


With an active presence on E-commerce, Retail and B2B market place, the learning opportunities at Neucorp are immense with an exposure to major domains of industry. The roles are vast and diversified.


We look for individuals who are focused on making their projects work; Self-Discipline, Integrity, Persistence, A Clear Sense Of Direction, Decisive And Action Oriented are the qualities we highly appreciate

Fun at work

Running profusely so that you don't punch in a minute late? That's not the cardio we believe in!

job Enlargement

Birthdays, Festivals, renowned days like Women’s Day are enthusiastically celebrated.

Flexible work

We avoid monotony and job saturation. Our team members perform variety of exciting tasks, with meaningful work modules and enlarged roles, consisting of optimal levels of complexities, which are challenging but attainable.