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Kaizzad Capadia started the K11 Fitness Academy in 2003 with an aim to develop personal training as a career in India. Driven by passion for fitness, he is widely respected as the creator of the modern, scientifically inclined Indian Fitness Industry. The K11 Fitness Academy holds the No.1 spot amongst all Fitness Academies in the country today.



K11 Fitness Academy offers a variety of industry and training specific courses and workshops with highly qualified faculties. Each course is developed under the guidance of Kaizzad Capadia and the syllabus for each has been formulated with consultation with industry professionals – making it not just efficient for learning, but also keeping it industry ready. This is why K11 Certified Fitness professionals are the leading choice for fitness companies and organizations not just in India, but across the world.

Your Fitness Club (YFC) is the culmination of long years of preparation, contemplation and a thoughtful approach. Established in September’2009 with an aim to provide friendly, comfortable and well maintained fitness facility at an affordable expense.

The operational value of YFC revolves around end user satisfaction. The company was created with an understanding to make quality fitness service available to common masses through an affordable & no frills attached facility that can improve their quality of life with varying fitness levels & better health.

YFC hopes to influence thousands of lives by providing the means and motivation for achieving a fit body and a healthier lifestyle for the masses who always thought that Fitness was Expensive.



THE GYM is a fitness club brand that specializes in the highest quality equipment and training programs available, an expert staff, special amenities that are often not found in other health clubs, attentive service and truly sophisticated surroundings. Every Fitness training center is committed to being aunique Fitness training center in India. With a dedication in bringing the latest fitness technologies, THE GYM is equipped with many hi-tech equipment and state-of-the art fitness gadgets. THE GYM currently has the highest trainers to member’s ratio in the fitness industry. At THE GYM, fitness is fused with fineness; because here, fitness is a privilege.


India’s first strength reality show - ‘Strongest Indian’

Strongest Indian is India’s 1st strength based reality show, providing a platform for this strongman sport in India like never before. This show will go across the country with auditions in 4 cities and the Grand Finale in Goa during the month of November 2015.

The 3 pillar companies that co-founded Steel Strength Productions are K11 – India’s leading fitness academy, Neulife - India’s no. 1 Sports Nutrition Company,and Your Fitness Club (YFC) – the fastest growing chain of gyms in India. Together, Steel Strength Productions LLP and Media World Ventures Limited in association with Strongman Federation of India (SFI) are proud to conceptualize, produce and market ‘Strongest Indian’.

Mr. Samit Gupta, Vice President of SFI, states "Neulife has always been at the heart of the fitness industry, having pioneered the category of sports nutrition since 1999. Strongest Indian is the perfect culmination of years of effort and contribution towards the sport of strength, which is finally getting its due recognition within the fitness industry."

The competing acts at the show will be internationally renowned feats and International strongman winners from Russia, Europe and Canada will be invited as special guests as part of the jury and inspire the contestants with their demonstration acts. Cash Prizes of Rs.6 lakhs are to be won plus a motor bike. Extensive promotion campaigns are set for 12 TV channels and 3 radio stations. The competition is open for all who wish to participate.

NEUVERA Wellness Ventures Private Limited (earlier Neugen) is the pioneer of the sports nutrition and dietary supplements industry in India. Started in 1999, Neuvera specializes in RTM solutions for its global partners. All of these are exclusive/authorized B2B partnerships with strategic long-term objectives to penetrate and win in the Indian market. We are proud to house some of the world’s finest brands in sports nutrition, general health and fitness in our portfolio.



Innovertus, the Research & Development arm of the NEUCORP Group, is a Contract Research, Product Development and Nutraceutical manufacturing Company headquartered in Mumbai with its Research & Development Center at Hyderabad.

Innovertus comprises a highly qualified and experienced team in the critical areas of Product Development, novel ingredients, delivery systems including soon-to-commence projects on nanotechnology, Quality Control and Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and GMP manufacturing

Being part of the NEUCORP Group, India’s pioneers in the field of nutritional and dietary supplements, Innovertus clearly recognizes the stringent product standards and quality requirements of our multinational clients and hence translating it to commercial manufacturing will be well connected and planned to produce high quality products